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Watch our 2-minute Lifestyle Video for an overview of the incredible experiences that Homeowners can enjoy each and every day, and below explore a sampling of the individual lifestyle options and services available to Homeowners.

Hii'/Kome Room

Hii' and Kome mean "sun" and "moon" respectively in ancient Miwok, which was the dominant language of the native tribes of the area. As the home of a number of Member activities that include art classes, card playing, or small meetings, this is a venue designed to accommodate a variety of purposes and yet never feel generic.

John Marsh Exploration Lounge & Adobe Billiards Room

The so-called "third place," the Exploration Lounge acts as an extended living room; a place where people can immerse themselves in one subject or another, relax with a quiet cup of coffee, spend some time online, or discuss current events with friends.

Helak Grand Living Room

This is more than just a popular gathering spot – it is the hub for making new social connections. Members and their guests take full advantage of the thoughtful appointments which provide several areas to relax alone or engage in conversation. Much of the attention naturally flows to the large glass wall which showcases views of rolling hills, and is open to the fresh breezes much of the year.

Santa Fe Pergola

This space offers a large fireplace ideally suited for socializing, card games, wine tasting, or intimate dinners for up to six people. Late in the evening the Santa Fe Pergola is also a perfect spot to share a nice glass of wine or a fine cigar.


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