Social Spaces

The Paddock

A sports escape located within the Club, the Paddock is one of the most popular spaces for relaxing among friends. With billiards, pool, sports on the flat-screen, and a full-scale golf simulator for the ultimate indoor golf experience, this is as good as it gets for the ultimate hang-out.

Four Suits

This room is perfectly “suited” for everything from cribbage to canasta, poker to pinochle. Specifically designed to serve the diverse card-playing skills of our Members, we have a wide range of games and activities.

Artisan Studio

Completed in 2019 for an early 2020 debut, the Artisan Studio at The Polo Club is the perfect place to set your creative side free. Set along the west side of the Club site with giant glass doors to let in the view, the Artisan Studio includes sinks, storage, a kiln, flexible seating, concrete flooring, a covered outdoor area, and more.

Grand Living Room

Just as the Club is an extension of your home, the Grand Living Room is your spot to get comfortable and catch up with friends. It’s the community hub—and the kind of place you’ll want to sit and stay a while.

Concierge Services

A key part of the Trilogy lifestyle is the exceptional service provided by our hospitality-trained staff - including our Concierge team. Consider them your go-to guides for all things Trilogy, from community info, to amenities, to social events. They’ll give you the inside scoop on all the fun.

Club Connect™

Enabled via Lifesize™ Technology, Club Connect™ is an integrated, multi-community technology platform that allows for shared video and audio content among numerous Trilogy communities. A combination of online programs and on-site hardware facilitates the process, which allows real-time interaction among Members and guests spread throughout the United States. Examples of use include culinary classes and Chef demos, guest speakers and educators, book authors, and much more.

Explore 52

Based on the idea of curating distinct adventures which can be enjoyed during the 52 weeks of the year, the "Explore 52" program is about “seeing the ways of the place through the eyes of a local.” So, for example, an Arizona adventure wouldn’t be “Visit the Grand Canyon.” It would be “Visit the Grand Canyon in May, as the spring flowers are in full bloom. And when there, stay in historic Williams at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, from which you can depart to the Canyon on the train. And when you get to the Canyon, be certain to hike the South Rim’s most iconic trail, Bright Angel.”

Explore 360

97% of Trilogy Members say they want to travel somewhere new each year. Explore 360 is our inter-community travel program, where we organize trips to destinations throughout the world and make arrangements so that Members from any Trilogy community can attend. In the past, groups of Members have traveled to Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, and throughout the US.


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