Thank You for Participating in Gait-to-Gate 2020!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our third annual National Step Challenge – Gait-to-Gate! Trilogy® Members walked a total of over 188,298 miles in the month of November.

Click here to watch a video recap of this year’s Gait-to-Gate step challenge.

Now on to the winners…

Top Individual Steppers

Encanterra®, A Trilogy Resort Community
Wendy Law: 1,208,023 total steps
Rex Soper: 1,112,848 total steps
Gail Garstecki: 990,752 total steps

Trilogy® at Monarch Dunes
Lisa Hershberger: 1,296,166 total steps
Suzy Monroy: 1,006,943 total steps
Terry Hershberger: 924,395 total steps

Trilogy® at Tehaleh®
Ginger Shields: 1,091,991 total steps
Kevin Shields: 920,136 total steps
Rembie Krattli: 714,876 total steps

Trilogy® at Verde River™
Niall Mandal: 1,062,611 total steps
Skip Belsky: 803,207 total steps
Margie van Lierop: 745,000 total steps

Trilogy® at Lake Frederick
Glenda Housel: 940,220 total steps
Sharon Shouse: 717,150 total steps
Amy Gallagher: 637,992 total steps

Trilogy® at Ocala Preserve
Steven Blunier: 759,648 total steps
Randi Blunier: 712,439 total steps
Lynn Cardillo: 630,368 total steps

Trilogy® at The Polo Club
Sheri Herman: 894,748 total steps
Liz Lynch: 835,190 total steps
Rod Butler: 738,925 total steps

Trilogy® in Summerlin®
Brian Goodell: 898,947 total steps
Pamela Bowe: 814,696 total steps
Jack Rubin: 716,271 total steps

Trilogy® at The Vineyards
Cathy Bailey: 1,113,136 total steps
Larry Pepper: 1,085,590 total steps
Linda Dickens: 822,296 total steps

Trilogy® at Vistancia®
Gerry Schatz: 1,176,143 total steps
Randy Lee: 1,163,113 total steps
Jacqueline Goodman: 1,160,972 total steps

Trilogy® Lake Norman
Deborah Flynn: 808,000 total steps
Ronald Bookbinder: 733,406 total steps
Terri Formosa: 688,122 total steps

Trilogy® Orlando
Hermine Dober: 1,332,590 total steps
Donna Nelson: 1,288,552 total steps
Scott Feudner: 1,269,078 total steps

Community Winners

Trilogy communities vary in size, so in an effort to even the field and give smaller communities a chance to compete, the community results were calculated by averaging the number of miles walked per household. We did this by taking the total number of miles logged at each community and dividing that number with the total number of households in the community. With that… the overall community winner is Trilogy® in Summerlin! Great job, Summerlin Members!

Here’s how each community fared:

  • Outlook Club, Trilogy in Summerlin: 58.83 Average Miles per Household
  • Magnolia House, Trilogy Orlando: 33.74 Average Miles per Household
  • Twin Mills Club, Trilogy Lake Norman: 32.21 Average Miles per Household
  • Shenandoah Lodge & Athletic Club, Trilogy at Lake Frederick: 22.20 Average Miles per Household
  • Monarch Club, Trilogy at Monarch Dunes: 20.18 Average Miles per Household
  • Club Los Meganos, Trilogy at The Vineyards: 19.24 Average Miles per Household
  • Seven Summits Lodge, Trilogy at Tehaleh: 16.87 Average Miles per Household
  • The Club at Ocala Preserve, Trilogy at Ocala Preserve: 16.50 Average Miles per Household
  • Encanterra Country Club at Encanterra: 13.43 Average Miles per Household
  • Verde River Golf & Social Club, Trilogy at Verde River: 12.21 Average Miles per Household
  • The Polo Club, Trilogy at The Polo Club: 12.19 Average Miles per Household
  • Kiva & Mita Clubs, Trilogy at Vistancia: 6.33 Average Miles per Household

Thank you again for your participation and your commitment to wellness. Here's to continuing to connect Trilogy step-by-step!

Check back in the Fall for details on Gait-to-Gate 2021.