For many in our Trilogy communities, wine culture is a critical part of the experience. Understanding this, all Trilogy communities have organized wine clubs and events, and most have gone so far as to include private wine lockers. The Barrel Masters program allows Members to secure preferred wine pricing and access to special wine events and, where possible, their own private wine locker as well.

To become a Barrel Master, Members pay a membership fee (collected monthly, annually, or, in some cases, just once for a Lifetime locker), and then are provided access to all the benefits*. These include:

  • Preferred pricing of 20% off all wine bottles or tap wine carafes (where applicable) on the restaurant menu
  • Preferred access to, and preferred pricing for, special wine events
  • Reciprocity across the network
  • Preferred ordering privileges, including stocked wine at cost + 20% or special-order wines at cost + 30%, where applicable
  • Private plaqued locker, by choice, where available
Barrel Masters

*Each community’s benefits vary slightly due to local-level alcohol laws. The details for each Club are available in the “Evaluate” section.

Put most simply, Barrel Masters is a no-brainer for both enthusiasts and those just looking to enjoy an occasional glass among friends.


The exact parameters of the Barrel Masters program are different from community to community, largely reflective of statutory differences but also influenced by the number and types of lockers available. For a breakdown of each club's offering, please select your club below.



Our teams place Barrel Master wine orders regularly, from twice a month to weekly (plus in conjunction with any specialty wine showcases and events). Ask your local community Barrel Masters about their frequency. Barrel Masters looking to order are asked to have requests in by the 10th and the 25th of the month, with the orders made on or around the 15th and 30th respectively. This gives our team plenty of time to confirm details, if necessary.

  • Please Note: Access to the wine lockers is available anytime during regular operations through Club personnel only. Barrel Masters may enjoy their wine in Club restaurants or at private chef tables (where applicable). When ordering for large celebrations and/or use at specific Club Member Events, Barrel Master benefits may not apply. Specific details available from your local Club team.

    To make an order request, please complete the simple form below. If you are ordering wine by the case at Encanterra, please order through MyClubWIne by clicking here. If you are ordering wine by the case at Vistancia, please order through MyClubWIne by clicking here.

  • Max. file size: 39 MB.
  • In bottles, minimum 6 in multiples of 6
  • Please note that the most current list of stocked wines is available at the club. Availability of special order wines is not guaranteed, nor is it quality assured. Caveat emptor for all special orders.


The choice depends on how often and what type of wine you expect to enjoy in the Club. In most cases, just more than one bottle enjoyed in the restaurant each month makes the Wine Club pay for itself. For the locker program, if you expect to average more than a bottle each month in the restaurant – or enjoy more premium wines – this is the plan to select.

Pricing subject to change. Lockers memberships are subject to availability. Memberships are designated per household and are not transferable. Annual memberships will be automatically renewed unless previous notice is given. Additional details may apply. "Lifetime" means as long as you own your home within Trilogy. Once you no longer own in Trilogy, your Founders Locker Membership is terminated.