Wellness, Fitness, & Outdoor Sports

When you buy a home in Trilogy Sunstone and therefore become a Member of the Cabochon Club, a world of opportunity opens up. Below, you can explore just a few of the Wellness, Fitness, & Outdoor Sports options available to Members.

Video: Outdoor Sports at Trilogy®

Watch our short video to see the wide array of options for outdoor sports at Trilogy® communities!

Video: Wellness at Trilogy

Watch our short video to learn about how Trilogy makes Wellness a top priority.

Afturburn Fitness & Movement Studio

Combining high-intensity interval workouts and personal training, Afturburn creates a challenging and fun workout that changes people’s bodies and lives. Afturburn focuses on putting people in a position of "comfortable discomfort," where they break through personal walls, are celebrated for trying new things, and feel fully supported and well coached. Beyond just a fitness room, Trilogy's Afturburn experience is a complete re-thinking of what exercise can and should mean in the 21st century.


Pickleball combines elements from badminton, table tennis, tennis, and paddleball. Cabochon Club will include an expansive, state of-the-art pickleball facility, featuring eight dedicated pickleball courts. One of the fastest-growing sports in the country, the sport challenges players athletically without requiring as much of the running of tennis, racquetball, or squash, making it a perfect sport for anyone to try.

Bocce Ball

Bocce is equal parts competition and leisure. Cabochon Club will feature two championship courts, providing an outdoor bocce experience for small gatherings or larger tournament-style play, friendly wagers always encouraged.

The Resort Pool

The Resort Pool is a place where Members will be able to lounge all day, enjoying the sun and the vistas. Sometimes an afternoon just calls for a great book and relaxing on a luxurious poolside chaise after a refreshing dip. This is the perfect spot for a lazy afternoon.

Community Parks

Our community parks are well maintained and open to whatever you have in mind—a morning yoga session with friends, a picnic with the grandkids, or a good book in the shade of a tree.

Avid Trails

Get out and get active on miles of multi-surface trails in and around the community. Our Avid Trails include a 200-meter rubberized loop that lets you incorporate measured runs and walks into your workouts.

Gait to Gate

Gait to Gate is our seasonal intercommunity walking challenge, with winners at the community and individual levels. It's one of our most popular and highest participation events of the year.

Dr. Amy Whittington

Dr. Amy is Trilogy's Naturopath in Residence and is based in Arizona at Trilogy at Vistancia®. Since 2009, Dr. Amy has played a critical role in our communities across the country, publishing a monthly Wellness Journal on MyTrilogyLife.com and doing individual consultations as well as group presentations. Dr. Amy’s concentration is in endocrine, hormonal, and preventive medicine.


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