Trilogy® Tip: Celebrating Our Graduates!

Since this year is a bit “different” from most, we wanted to share some tips on how to celebrate the accomplishments of graduating high school and college seniors, from a distance. Our kids and grandkids deserve kudos for the hard work they’ve put in to reach this major milestone!

Below are some creative ideas that might inspire you to to celebrate your graduate’s accomplishments in a special way:

Personalized Yard Signs | These are very easy to customize! Check out the Stumps Party website to create yours.

Customized Garden Flag | This is an upgraded version of a yard sign! Check out this website for some fun ideas.

Graduation Gifts from Small Businesses | These gifts can be shipped directly to your graduate, and as an added bonus, you’ll be supporting small business owners, by shopping on Etsy. Browse some options here!

These are all great ideas, but even something as simple as a handwritten letter can convey your support, excitement, and love, in just the right way.

We hope these ideas help you celebrate the special graduate(s) in your life!