Focus On Wellness: Calm Your Mind with Nighttime Yoga

Many of us have been going through a range of emotions during these trying times, and that can have a significant impact on our bodies and minds. It’s incredibly important to take care of ourselves, and sleep plays a major role in that. Have you had trouble sleeping? Feeling anxious before bed? While we know that many Trilogy® Members reserve their workouts for the early hours of the day, we’d like to suggest giving nighttime Restorative Yoga a try, to help calm your mind before you hit the pillow.

The mindful movement and breath-work of Restorative Yoga help to calm your thoughts and bring you back to the present from the stressed-out mental track you may have wandered down. The stretching component does the same for the body, releasing tension from muscles that were tightened up all day.

Are you ready to give nighttime yoga a try? If so, check out the links below to a few videos we’ve found that will help calm your thoughts, loosen up your body, and wind down toward sleep. Follow along with the deep breathing, the meditative mindset, and the physical release of each pose. We hope these routines help you drift off to sleep!

Bedtime Yoga | Gentle Yoga With Deep Sleep Music To Relax & Unwind
Yoga For Sleep with Emma Ceolin
Wind Down Yoga: 12 Minute Bedtime Yoga